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We hold frequent raffles to raise funds for the homeless. Please see our raffle page for more details.


H.o.p.e bus

Good morning good morning good morning only two hours sleep I’m shattered but did we tell you we are at Blackwood Christmas market today ❤️ come on guys and show your support and have a look at the h.o.p.e bus open day today Blackwood High Street at the Christmas market see you there love all at h.o.p.e ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Probably going to get abuse

Probably going to get abuse but I’ve got broad shoulders. We all seen the Argus with the 200 plus needles and the abused dog well can I just say a few that tent was a girl who owns this dog. Now the lady in question suffers with mental health. Recently she has been getting a lot and my family have been feeding her and the dog since last year and got to know the lady well. Yes she was a heroin addict who became addicted at the age of 12 yes 12 years old however she is now on methadone. I was at the tent with my wife and daughter on the second of June we spoke to her we could see she wasn’t right however there was no needles there at all she also goes to needle exchange and gets me the yellow sharp boxes to discard any dirty needles we come across when we are on our rounds. we met with the lady yesterday and she is in a bad place and she has been collecting the dirty needles from off the floors around Newport she often takes her dog for a walk down by the river and picks them up we have tried to tell her not to but with her illness it’s like telling a baby no they just don’t listen. She had a new tent and was storing them in this old tent and asked the police to get the council to remove it. Yes I can see where everyone is coming from and seen the abuse loads have given her but please have a thought not everyone who is homeless a bad person and not every homeless person begs or steals I’ve met a lot of homeless people on the street in Newport and some who are not even homeless but beg. We maybe the lucky ones but never had any problems in Newport off anyone so I just wanted to put her point across because nobody has. The lady is ill and needs help not abuse but the dog is very well cared for I promise you that. These photos are of her tent when we went down on the 2nd and within a week over 200 needles were in her tent if you look at the photo closely you can see that it’s all different types and size think on this isn’t just off one person in a week. When your in Newport have a chat with them and listen to there story and before people say it there smack heads who will rob you as good as look at you they are still humans who was once sweet and innocent. Yes Newport like most towns got drug problems but I think that’s everywhere. We deal with one guy his wife passed away she done everything for him he didn’t have a clue about bank accounts and filling in forms sadly got into arrears with his rent and evicted and was living in bushes under the bridge in Newport other homeless people took him into there tent we bought him a caravan put it in a place thankfully now he is in a hostel so not everyone is a drug user in a few weeks time it could happen to anyone of us but hope and prey it doesn’t. Anyone interested in our page it’s h.o.p.e helping open people’s eyes on Facebook we have bought a double decker bus to turn into a night shelter to help them get off the streets BUT WANT TO SAY A BIG THANKS TO THE COUNCIL WORKERS WHO HAD TO CLEAN THIS ALSO THE TEAMS WHO GO AROUND NEWPORT HELPING.

We’ve done it

A big thanks to Brian Dowding who created our web site. We are over the moon. We can now keep you up to date on the progress of the bus and the work we do please feel free to have a look at his website

Sunday Food Run

01.30 and we finally get to sit down, busy day in Newport thanks everyone for their donations. Met a new boy today only a youngster had been released from prison and no help at all makes me sick. OK yes he done something wrong to go to prison but surely it’s more beneficial if they gave him help when he came out of prison maybe he wouldn’t re offend then didn’t have a sleeping bag or anything so we made sure his belly was full. Thanks Tammy and Shauna especially Shauna due to give birth but still wanted to go feed them. One of our ladies who is in a tent got a meeting this week with the council so fingers crossed they get her a place.

Morrisons Bag Packing

Ok guys and girls thanks to the wonderful Emma she has arranged with Morrison’s in bargoed to do a bag packing event to raise funds for the bus she is amazing and Morrison’s are always supported us from day 1 we are looking for at least 6 volunteers but please only say yes if you can 100% Make it
It’s on Friday the 21 st June must be over the age of 10 ❤️❤️❤️ we can be there from 10 am till 6 pm any volunteers

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